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Night Hawk's Dream
Desktop Theme and Screen Saver

The music of Night Hawk's Dream inspired this theme with nature's beauty and Keiko Matsui's musical grace. Hopefully this theme enables you to experience the same feeling I had when creating it.

Wallpaper Artist: JR Saldana

Cursors Artist: Ingalill Colbell
Icon Artist: Ingalill Colbell
Logo Artist: Ingalill Colbell
Web view Artist: Ingalill Colbell
Sound Artist: Patina's Treasures
Screen Saver Artist: Patina's Treasures

CD Title: Full Moon and The Shrine
Song Title: Night Hawk's Dream
Song Artist:
Keiko Matsui

Download Self-installing Theme

Night Hawk's Dream
Zip contents:
Desktop Architect Installer
Font Installer
Readme Text File

Notes: A Desktop Architect Installer is for those that want a theme without the trouble of manual installation. This self-installer also comes with the screen saver included in the setup.

Optional Downloads
N/A (Screen Saver Included)




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