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Windmills of Your Mind
Desktop Theme and Screen Saver

Memories are a powerful part of our lives and I think the song 'Windmills of Your Mind' causes us to reflect on those memories, hopefully to remember all the wonderful times we've had in our lives.

Wallpaper Artist: Mobiusco

Cursors Artist: Ingalill Colbell
Icon Artist: Ingalill Colbell
Logo Artist: Ingalill Colbell
Webview Artist: Ingalill Colbell
Sound Artist: Patina's Treasures
Screen Saver Artist: Patina's Treasures

Album Title: The Thomas Crown Affair
Song Title: Windmills of Your Mind
Song Artist:

Download Self-installing Theme

Windmills of Your Mind
Zip contents:
Desktop Architect Installer
Font Installers
Readme Text File

Notes: A Desktop Architect Installer is for those that want a theme without the trouble of manual installation. This self-installer also comes with the screen saver included in the setup.

Optional Downloads
N/A (Screen Saver Included)




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